SIDASA Engineering is a pioneer worldwide manufacturer of Dip Spin machines for organic coatings.  Sidasa ensures the high quality and perfect finishing of the parts, according to the request of the customer. The dip spin coating plants are designed according the client’s request considering the size, shape and finishing of the parts to be coated.


Tilting Machine

The tilting machine designed by SIDASA covers a wide range of productions. The tilting machine was created to coat small parts such screws, bolts, fasteners, clips…etc without complex shapes or deep threads. Our sales team will propose to you the best solution considering the parts to be coated and production requirement.

  • ZT12
  • ZT36
  • ZT45
  • ZT48

All of these models are available with different options such as:

  • Automatic painting tank filling system
  • Viscosity reader
  • Remote assistance 24 hours
  • Paint cooling system in tank
  • RTO with LEL sensors
dip spin tilting
dip spin tilting
dip spin tilting

Planetary System

The planetary dip spin machine engineered by SIDASA is the only dip spin system suitable for complex shapes and deep threads of screws, fasteners, bolts, rings.

The planetary system allows the baskets to rotate in two different levels:

  • Central axel 360° in one sense (left or right) marked with blue color
  • Basket rotates 180° left-right simultaneity moving and changing position of the parts to be coated marked in red color

The planetary system from SIDASA ensures a homogenous coating even in complex parts.

In order to bring our clients a planetary solution adapted to the size of the parts to be treated and production SIDASA has in the market a wide range of planetary system with different basket size and tanks.
Models with planetary turning system:

  • ZT8
  • ZT 16
  • ZT100
  • ZT100+
  • ZT50
dip spin planetary
dip spin planetary
dip spin planetary
dip spin planetary


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