aluminium treatment

SIDASA Engineering is present in the Aluminum surface treatment market. As part of Units Group, we are able not only to supply the machine but the entire process including the chemicals from Cromogenia. SIDASA Engineering has a wide range of solutions concerning Aluminum Treatment market:

aluminium treatment
aluminium treatment
aluminium treatment
aluminium treatment
aluminium treatment
aluminium treatment

Pretreatment Process

  • Chemical Polishing: Full range of buffing and polishing processes for industrial and decorative finishes surface. Abrasive belts, discs and polishing compounds.
  • Mechanical Polishing: Full range of vibration machines and pastes for polishing parts.
  • Electro Polishing:  Electro polishing has many applications in the metal finishing industry because of its simplicity and it can be applied to Aluminum objects of complex shape. Ultra high vacuum (UHV) components are typically electro polished in order to have a smoother surface for improved vacuum pressures, outgassing rates, and pumping speed.

Aluminum Lacquering

  • Powder paint process
  • Anaphoretic (Dip)


SIDASA develops machines for cosmetic, aeronautic, automotive and general industry. The machines are classified according:

  • Rack position: Horizontal or Vertical rack
  • Chemical process: Sulphuric, tartaric or hard anodizing

The R&D department of SIDASA has developed an innovative anodizing system in horizontal racks, especially for cosmetic industry. The advantages of this new creation are:

  • Less space requirements
  • Less volume of tanks
  • Less contamination of tanks
  • Less running costs

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