The Spanish car company keeps on growing and it does so, even, above the industry’s forecast. In 2015 a total of 2,733,201 units were produced overcoming by 133,000 cars the units forecasted at the beginning of 2015.

This increase is mainly due to the improved exports, that have grown by 11.46% -2,273,732 units- and the improved national consumption with the PIVE, PIMA Aire and PIMA Transporte plans. Outside our borders, the Spanish vehicles are mainly going to the European countries, but also to the Asian countries, mainly South Korea and China, and America with the United States on top.

Currently, the production figures are getting closer to those achieved in the years before the crises, placing Spain in the eighth worldwide position, which is a place higher tan the one achieved in 2014 and four when compared to 2013.

The forecast and objective in the vehicle production for 2016 look for a figure a little over 2.8 million vehicle. Meanwhile, for 2017, it is expected that the figures overcome the ones achieved in 2007 -2.9 million vehicles – placing the objective in 3 million vehicles which was achieved in 2004.

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