SIDASA is proud to announce the incorporation of new members in our team.

Cristina Blanch will be part of our purchase department supporting also the DIP SPIN LINES department.

Marcal Garcia will take care of software and programming department. He has already a long experience working for SIDASA but now is part of our team. It will be a big value specially for the dip spin department.

Javier Duran will be project manager for Painting Lines department. This painting line area has become the key business for SIDASA, therefore we strenght our Project Manager Team with experienced talents. Javier has more than 15 years in the painting lines business.

Jesus Barroso is responsible of painting distribution and application department. He has been working for SIDASA from many years but we decided to bring him to the team and increase our business product range. As you know SIDASA recently became GRACO and ITW distribution.

Ernesto Bueno joined us 2 months ago to support the team of painting lines. He has many years experience in painting processes, he speaks German, English and French so he will be a great asset for our worldwide painting line team.


We welcome all of them to our team

On the other side, our former Painting Lines Manager, Jacinto Martin has been promoted to Technical Director. He will be responsible for all technicall points in all divisions from SIDASA:

-Painting Lines

-Dip Spin Lines


-Aluminium Treatment

It is a big challenge for this experienced Engineer but for sure a big value for your project.